By undergoing a private consultation your health status will be reviewed, your diet and way of life will be analysed and recommendations will be made that are acceptable to you. 

  • Initial consultation £65 (approx 60 mins)
  • Follow up visits £50 (50-60 mins)
  • Extra time charged pro rata

After a consultation, an easy to follow guide will be given, which will help support the body to rebalance.

The number of visits/duration of treatment varies for each client. Appointments maybe 2-12 week intervals depending on the protocol required.

If Laboratory diagnostic testing is required or requested, information and costs will be given at the consultation.

Herbal or Nutritional supplements if required are not included in the price, but the best products for each individual are recommended and they are not needed on a permanent basis, just until the body regains its equilibrium.

To ensure the optimum outcome, it is important to get a good quality product that is required and will be absorbed by the body. This is why I only recommend reputable companies such as:

  • Allergy resaerch group,
  • Avogel, 
  • Biocare,
  • Cytoplan,
  • Good Health Naturally,
  • Lamberts,
  • PharmaNord etc.

Most products that I recommend can be bought online at;
or by telephone 01453 757792

Discounted supplementation offered after first consultation



“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”
Frederick Douglass